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About Auguste

Auguste is an international education consultancy based in East Asia & the US with a team of expert admissions counselors, authors, educators, and scholars. We offer tailored college and graduate school consulting services, maximizing each student’s chance of admissions to the world’s best universities. 


Auguste’s students have received admissions to Yale Engineering, NYU Stern, Harvard Kennedy School, Columbia Law, Princeton, Stanford, Northwestern, Georgetown, and more. 


Get started on your path to a brighter, more prosperous future today.


"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today"

Malcolm X



Consulting with Purpose

It is becoming increasingly more difficult for students to get into top colleges in a market that is saturated with 'cookie-cutter' one-size-fit-all consultancies that treat all students as a mere statistic. At Auguste, we believe in not only providing a tailored experience, but mentorship. Mentorship in navigating admissions uncertainties, tumultuous high school stresses, parental anxieties as well as horror stories from moving abroad. As your Mentors, we’ve already ‘been there and done that’. So rest assured, we’ll let you into all the behind-the-scene secrets to admissions.

Where Our Students Were Admitted

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Results From the Past 2 Years 


  • Duke - Biology/Chemistry

  • UPenn - Environmental

  • Georgetown - Political Science

  • Northwestern - Languages

  • UCLA - Many

  • Berkeley - Many

  • Williams - Biology

  • Pomona - Urban Studies

  • USC - Many

  • Columbia - Political Science

  • Yale - Biology/Engineering

  • Emory - Chemistry

  • Babson College - Business

  • King’s College - Business

  • NYU - Many

  • Wellesley - Psychology

  • Vassar - Psychology

  • Northeastern – Many


  • Harvard

  • Brown

  • Cornell

  • Northwestern

  • Cambridge

  • LSE

  • King’s

  • UCL

  • HKU

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