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College Admissions Services

The Auguste Route

Let us walk you through the twists and turns of college admissions.

From figuring out niche academic passions to mapping a step-by-step plan for maximizing your chances of landing at your dream schools, Auguste offers packages to meet your every need.

Our Method

Strategic Consultation Based on Data and Evidence

We take a holistic approach to college admissions and conduct a strengths and weaknesses analysis of our students to formulate their game plan. This means reviewing not only students' transcripts, test scores, and activities, but also their geographical contexts, high school's profile, and student demographics at their top colleges.

The Auguste Difference

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Roadmap & Narrative Strategy

Cohesive & unique narrative formation around intellectual interest and personal identity - no strategy will be the same!

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1-1 Essay Guidance

One-on-one sessions on how to identify each student’s best stories. Includes structural and thematic recommendations.

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X-Factor Project

Guidance to develop a one-of-a-kind community engagement project to maximize chances of admissions.

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Professional Writers

Final essay revisions by award-winning, published authors. We will make sure that every word you write is outstanding and that you craft the perfect narrative.

PhD Research Program

Conduct research and write a research paper for submission to a high school or undergraduate journal through mentorship by an Ivy-League PhD tutor in a relevant field.

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Mentorship Focus

We take time to get to know our students. As mentors and not just counsellors, we want to learn about our students’ personalities, likes, dislikes, hopes, anxieties and dreams.

The X-Factor Project

The X Factor Project is a unique community engagement project tailor-made to every student's individual interests and passions. Here's our four step process for helping you explore, create, and scale your project!

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Past X-Factor Project Examples



Student interested in engineering, we helped robotics car racing league, he conducted research on material science, aerodynamics and design, got into NYU


Environmental Science

Student interested in environmental science, we helped her start a composting club at her school, later expanded the club into middle school chapter and for students to recycle at home, got into WashU



Student interested in robotics, we helped him with 3D printing project that prints memory games for seniors with alzheimer's, got onto local news, got into Stanford

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